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To make a donation, you may send a check to:

The 365 Project, Inc.
PO Box 222605
Chantilly, VA 20153-2605

NOTE — Please keep in mind that until we have a Federal determination on our 501(c)3 non-profit status, we cannot guarantee that your donation will be tax deductible.

Donor benefits include:

Amount Support Level This is for me if ... Benefit
365 Booster
(a.k.a. Blockbuster Boycott)
I’m flat broke, so count me in on the price of a movie rental. I’d rather support The 365 Project than sit through another bad Hollywood film. The work on your site is at least worth $3.65.
  • 365 Charter Member Recognition
365 Member
(a.k.a. John Grisham Boycott) 
Many of today’s “best sellers” don’t fulfill my soul’s thirst for real literature. So instead of buying a pricey hardcover book, I’d rather support The 365 Project. 

Same as 365 Booster, plus:

  • 365 Poetry Anthology (April 2004)
365 Friend
(a.k.a. James Bond Boycott)
There’s no way I could get a boxed set of DVDs of Bond movies for this price, so instead I’ll support The 365 Project.

Same as 365 Member, plus:

  • One (1) 365 Project book from The Project Library of supporting authors (2004). (Titles selected randomly.)
365 Supporter (a.k.a. Brittany Spears Boycott) I love music, but ticket prices are outrageous. $150 wouldn’t even let me in the door for Peter Gabriel or U2. I’d rather donate the money to The 365 Project than waste it on watching the Rolling Stones from fifth balcony, stadium seating.

Same as 365 Friend, plus:

  • Three (3) 365 Project books from The Project Library of supporting authors (2004). (Titles selected randomly.)
  • The 365 Project DVD (2004)
365 Benefactor (a.k.a. Cable Television Boycott) Sign me up for a dollar-per-day. In the course of a year, I pay at least $365 a year to my stupid cable company and what do it get? Crappy, mindless television. I’ve got a good job, so the least I can do is donate that same amount to support The 365 Project. Same as 365 Supporter, plus:
  • 365 Limited-Edition Print
$1000+ 365 Patron It’s very simple. I have some money and you don’t, so here’s some. Put it to good use!

Same as 365 Benefactor, plus:

  • VIP admission to all 365 events


For more information on donation and other ways to get involved, see our Get Involved! page.

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