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March 10, 2003  

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March 17, 2003  

And in Miami Beach, a French woman is dead and her sister in critical condition after a police officer ran them over while they were sunbathing.

“But in terms of the world, in the court of public opinion, which, amazingly, Saddam Hussein seems to have been winning in recent weeks — people in the street, millions around the world — wouldn’t it be helpful if the inspectors could find some form of weapon of mass destruction to hold up and say, ‘They still have ’em.’?”

— Tim Russert

“The Iraqi President challenges President Bush to a worldwide radio and television satellite debate, and he indicates he will not comply with United Nations orders to destroy his Al Sammoud missiles.”

Dan Rather


“DC’s Police Chief didn’t find a lot of love in the Council Chambers today.”

When accidents happen, California law requires we have insurance to cover the costs of these roadside hazards. But previously it may not have been clear whether or not nuclear blasts and radiation damage were covered. Now the ‘Like a Good Neighbor’ company, State Farm, wants to make sure its policy holders know they’re not.

Stopping Saddam now, the President argued for the first time, could transform the Middle East the way America helped reshape Germany and Japan after World War II.

If you start changing regime, where do you stop? This is the problem. Who is next? Give me the lists.

— Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada



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