week 8
from February 15 to 21

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March 3, 2003  

February 22-28 to be posted  
March 10, 2003  

“Any war, before you have exhausted all possible peaceful means, is immoral!”

— Bishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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“Well, the male of this family of flies has very large genitalia that look like a big ball and chain affair.”

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“The official North Korean myth says he was born in Korea, on a mountain, with a swallow speaking in a human voice announcing the arrival of a general who would one day rule the world.”

— Bruce Morton

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“First of all, you know, size of protests, it’s like deciding, well, I’m gonna decide policy based upon a focus group.”

— President George W. Bush

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“Oh yes, and I have to say, stash away the duct tape — don’t use it — stash it away, and that pre-measured plastic sheeting for future — and I emphasize future — use.”

— Tom Ridge, Secretary of Homeland Security

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“I don’t have $50 million.... I don’t have $50,000.”

— Joe Millionaire

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“Donald Rumsfeld in December 1983 went to Baghdad, met with Saddam Hussein, and was largely responsible for the restoration of diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Saddam which ushered in a period of the U.S. sending weapons to Saddam Hussein.”

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A Standing Call For Artists to Restore
The Currency of Imagination in America


Each day for the year 2003, a line taped and selected from non-fiction television will serve as the collective point of departure for artists of all types to comment on the dilution of truth and the disintegration of our culture.

Poets, writers, visual artists, musicians, performance artists, filmmakers, and anyone else with the desire to creatively address one or more of the 365 topics are encouraged to submit work for possible collaboration, publication, exhibition, or performance.

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