week 7
from February 8 to 14

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February 24, 2003  

February 15-21 to be posted  
March 3, 2003  

“Excuse me, I am not convinced, and I cannot go to the public and say, ‘Well, let’s go to war because there are reasons,’ and so on, and I don’t believe in that.”

— Joschka Fischer, Foreign Minister of Germany

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“Any game that involves war can always be open to some kind of criticism, but it’s entertainment at the end of the day.”

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“It seems to me that governments that think that way will ultimately be rejected by their people.”

— Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense

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“Raising the threat level is important to our being as disruptive as we possibly can be.”

— George Tenet, CIA Director

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“Nice girls don’t touch their own genitals.”

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“As police patroling the US Capitol began carrying semi-automatic rifles, and the government warned key industries to watch for employees who might have been planted by terrorist groups, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld had a warning: ‘We’ve entered what may very well prove to be the most dangerous security environment the world’s known.’”

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“And we are willing to try to give peace a chance.”

— Dominique de Villepin, Foreign Minister of France

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A Standing Call For Artists to Restore
The Currency of Imagination in America


Each day for the year 2003, a line taped and selected from non-fiction television will serve as the collective point of departure for artists of all types to comment on the dilution of truth and the disintegration of our culture.

Poets, writers, visual artists, musicians, performance artists, filmmakers, and anyone else with the desire to creatively address one or more of the 365 topics are encouraged to submit work for possible collaboration, publication, exhibition, or performance.

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