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February 17, 2003  

“A Southern California mayor tonight faces charges of misdemeanor battery after she reportedly punched a fellow councilmember in the head during her last city council meeting yesterday.”

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“When they told Harry Truman that Franklin Roosevelt had died, Truman said he felt as if the sun and the moon and the stars had fallen from the sky and I guess a lot of us felt that way yesterday when we saw those television pictures of the shuttle breaking up and the pieces falling back to earth.”

— Bob Schieffer

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“And outside critics say NASA is forced to use aging Shuttles and old technology to fly better, faster, cheaper.”

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“We find the best among us, send them forth into unmapped darkness, and pray they will return.”

— President Bush

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“And then, there is the cost, estimated between 50 and 200 billion dollars, with the US already facing a 300 billion dollar deficit.”

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“A British intelligence dossier on Iraq’s latest misdeeds has turned out to be a re-hash of old academic papers, most of it plagiarized by the British government. In fact, Secretary of State Colin Powell praised that British document in his address to the UN this week.”

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“Leave the worrying to the professionals, and live your lives.”

— Michael Bloomberg

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A Standing Call For Artists to Restore
The Currency of Imagination in America


Each day for the year 2003, a line taped and selected from non-fiction television will serve as the collective point of departure for artists of all types to comment on the dilution of truth and the disintegration of our culture.

Poets, writers, visual artists, musicians, performance artists, filmmakers, and anyone else with the desire to creatively address one or more of the 365 topics are encouraged to submit work for possible collaboration, publication, exhibition, or performance.

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