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February 10, 2003  

“He branded the initials of his alma mater, University of Kentucky, into the uterus of Stephanie Means, and Means is suing for emotional distress.”

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“But for others, frustration with the justice system can turn the law & order of the courtroom into total chaos.”
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“The crowd preferred to watch Saddam or MTV.”

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“92 million Armericans will keep, this year, an average of almost $1,100 of their own money.”

— President Bush

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“A recording artist has a much better chance getting on the radio if the promotional budget for a record is large than if the record is good.”

— Don Henley

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“German history, if anything, teaches us to be careful about just standing behind any leader without questioning.”

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“Because experts say, once your identity is stolen, it’s up to you to get it back.”

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A Standing Call For Artists to Restore
The Currency of Imagination in America


Each day for the year 2003, a line taped and selected from non-fiction television will serve as the collective point of departure for artists of all types to comment on the dilution of truth and the disintegration of our culture.

Poets, writers, visual artists, musicians, performance artists, filmmakers, and anyone else with the desire to creatively address one or more of the 365 topics are encouraged to submit work for possible collaboration, publication, exhibition, or performance.

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