week 4
from January 18 to 24

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February 3, 2003  

“Serious stomach problems such as bleeding can occur without warning.”

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“A lot of us here at CNN are sick and tired of chess getting short-changed in the ‘mainstream’ media.”
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“And this is a first: A Riverside County mother is being charged with second degree murder for allegedly killing her infant son through breast-feeding.”

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“As I said, this looks like a rerun of a bad movie and I’m not interested in watching it.”

— President Bush

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“My advice is don’t follow that order.”

— President Bush

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“But these are money people, not military people, and right now it’s the ones with the guns who are calling the shots.”

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“Bonuses are down for folks who work at brokerage and banks by as much as 37%; the average Wall St. worker's bonus this year is just a little over $48,000.”

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A Standing Call For Artists to Restore
The Currency of Imagination in America


Each day for the year 2003, a line taped and selected from non-fiction television will serve as the collective point of departure for artists of all types to comment on the dilution of truth and the disintegration of our culture.

Poets, writers, visual artists, musicians, performance artists, filmmakers, and anyone else with the desire to creatively address one or more of the 365 topics are encouraged to submit work for possible collaboration, publication, exhibition, or performance.

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