week 3
from January 11 to 17

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January  27, 2003  

“Bridge directors rejected a suicide barrier plan five years ago because the proposal, they said, did not meet what they called, the ‘visual aesthetics’ that they wanted to maintain on the bridge.”

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“They said that I said this; they said that I said that. I think it's meaningless hog-horseshit ... excuse me.... That is the way that they behave....”

— Sean Penn


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“I think the fact of the matter is wherever America goes we always make it a practice to pursue policies that help advance human rights everywhere around the world.”

— Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary

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“Hundreds of people are sending in tapes like this one to casting director Dawn Stroop and co-exectutive producer Jackie Pitman with the hopes that they’ll be picked to have their bodies transformed.”

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“In television there is now the celebration of the dysfunctional, in sports an absence of good sportsmanship, and in daily conversation in this country, vernacular of the street has been overwhelmed by language of the gutter.”

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“The New England Journal of Medicine reports today that operating room teams leave sponges, clamps and other tools inside about 1,500 patients every year.”

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“In the name of peace, if he does not disarm, I will lead a coalition of the willing to disarm Saddam Hussein.”

— President Bush

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