week 23
from May 31–June 6
MAY 31

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July 2, 2003  

June 7 –June 13 to be posted
July 7, 2003

“I have only one skin, which covers me very well, and I don’t allow anybody else to get under it, heh, heh, heh.”

“That Baghdad bunker, which the US said it bombed on the first night of the Iraqi war, apparently did not exist.”

“I just took the, the wrong bat and, went up there and, um, you know ... it happened.”

— Sammy Sosa


“It’s during the dinner hour or it’s the first thing in the morning after 8 a.m., the phone starts ringing, and it makes people crazy.”

“When a man is accused of doing something naughtly, well, he’s just a dude being a dude; when a woman does something naughty, she’s unstable and she’s dangerous and she must be stopped.”

— Crisis Management Expert on Martha Stewart

“‘I saw the killing. I saw the way they removed the heart, the way they roasted it in a fire, and then ate it,’ she says. ‘I saw it and it terrifies me.’”

“So I guess my principle exhortation to you today is: to go forth and raise hell.”

— Garry Trudeau


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