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June 20, 2003  

May 24–30 to be posted
June 22, 2003

“Critics like Danielle Crittenden have written that many women are having second thoughts about the sexual freedom that the Pill made possible.”

“Some of the stuff that girls do to themselves to make themselves skinnier is kind of like disgusting.”

“And as for the ‘road map’ for peace, one Israeli official tonight said: ‘It’s more like a trail of blood and terror.”

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“This is amazing to me. Age, you know, 15 year olds, 56% of them said yes to that, 36% with oral sex, and 37% at that age group had intercourse....”

“More recently the government said it would no longer consider more than 200 million acres of land to be wilderness, clearing the way for development.”

“Each competitor will grip two 264-pound weights, one in each hand, and carry them across a 60-meter course in a race against time.”

“The next item, let me give you a li’l heads up, it’s more swords than we’ve ever placed in a $99 deal, awwright?”


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