week 17
from April 19–25

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May 28, 2003  

April 19–25 to be posted  
May 21, 2003  

“When I heard the news and then saw the pictures on television of the looting, in the Iraq Museum, I was absolutely shocked and horrified.”

— Joan Aruz, Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art

“I feel like I’m living in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. I just am sick of this.”

— Mother of accused murderer Scott Peterson

“What you have to do is make people want a car they don't need.”

— Auto industry expert


“Looting is an ongoing problem in Iraq, and it turns out some of the looters in Baghdad got there thanks to the U.S. military. American troops today caught several members of the quote ‘Free Iraqi Forces,’ exiles trained, equipped, and financed by the United States, looting homes in a wealthy neighborhood of the capital.”

— Dan Rather

“Centcom confirms it's looking into reports that three Third Infantry Division soldiers are suspected of taking $900,000 from a large stash of hundred dollar bills hidden behind a false wall.”

“Sponsors of the resolution claim Federal drug agents have been harassing medical patients who use marijuana to treat their illnesses.”

“It was the proudest moment of Iraqi dissident Katrin Michaels' life, meeting President Bush in the White House — ‘I am victim of chemical weapons’ — telling her story to help win support for the Iraq war but a week later, just after the war started, she got, not a thank you note, but a deportation notice, ordering her back to Iraq.”


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